Friday, October 12, 2007

Green Criminals

I was discussing DDT in my post Global Warming Is Socialist Science and while I was doing research came across this comment at Deltoid.

In Argentina, as all other countries in South, Central and North America DDT is strictly prohibited under severe penalties by the law. So you are LYING when claiming “there is no de facto ban”. The exception is Ecuador who has never given up spraying DDT and saving human lives, alas, at the cost of valuable mosquito lives.

I have been exploring and traveling the Amazon since 1971 and I know what I am talking about. I am a field scientist not an armchair scientist in air conditioned labs.

At this moment, environmentalists are prosecuting health and agriculture officials in Córdoba, Argentina, because they discovered that a cargo of 12 tons of DDT had been stored for 30 years without telling the people it was stored there and “could” have contaminated the neighbors.

Could, may, might, perhaps, are words always accompanying green and fake alarms. Then, why has not mosquitoes developed resistance in Ecuador after 32 years of Ecuador refusing to give up DDT spraying, and 53 years since they started using it? You should provide a scientific answer.

Our Argentinean Foundation for a Scientific Ecology (FAEC) was consulted by the two federal judges that dealt with the DDT storage case and sent our report to be studied by the scientific team formed with members from our National University at Córdoba, and from the Ministry of Public Health. Then compared the accusations made by the environmentalists and studied their claims and references.

A remark that one of the judges said to me after their ruling was: ”These greens are not only crazy, but I would prosecute them for criminal activities if you pressed charges.”

Your weblog is perhaps the more “science-killing” and misinforming site I have ever seen. Keep up your work. It gives skeptics plenty food and ammunition to fight green neurosis and paranoia.

Eduardo Ferreyra
President of FAEC
Argentinean Foundation for a Scientific Ecology
WOW. Just WOW.


Anonymous said...

Tim Lambert is a tool. He gets his rear handed to him in the comments section of this post too.

M. Simon said...


Link to the comments on the bottom left.

I read that.

He does seem rather dishonest.

Another Green Criminal.

It seems like Socialists everywhere they favor a little (or a lot of) mass murder - for the greater good.