Friday, October 19, 2007

Dingy Harry Gets The Bum's Rush

Rush Limbaugh (who I listen to occasionally) has gotten the original smear letter signed by 41 Democrat Senators and put it up on Ebay with all the money going towards a charity that supports the families of fallen Marines and police officers. At the time of this post the bidding is at a little over $850,000. Semper Fi Rush.

Here is a list of the Senators who signed:

Harry Reid
Hillary Rodham Clinton
Barack Obama

Daniel Akaka
Max Baucus
Joseph Biden
Barbara Boxer
Sherrod Brown
Robert Byrd
Benjamin Cardin
Tom Carper
Bob Casey
Kent Conrad
Christopher Dodd
Byron Dorgan
Richard Durbin
Dianne Feinstein
Tom Harkin
Daniel Inouye
Edward M. Kennedy
John Kerry
Amy Klobuchar
Mary Landrieu
Frank Lautenberg
Patrick Leahy
Carl Levin
Blanche Lincoln
Bob Menendez
Barbara Mikulski
Patty Murray
Bill Nelson
Jack Reed
Jay Rockefeller
Ken Salazar
Bernie Sanders
Charles Schumer
Debbie Stabenow
Jon Tester
Jim Webb
Sheldon Whitehouse
Ron Wyden

HT Little Green Footballs with links to DU for those who like to see leftys screaming in pain - and Little Green Footballs

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LarryD said...

And Rush is matching the final price with his own money, dollar for dollar.