Saturday, October 13, 2007

The State Of Climate Science - Check It Out

This will take some time (assuming you are up to the task). But spend some serious time at Climate Audit and tell me the Climate "Scientists" are not cooking the books.

Start here: YTD Hurricane Activity

This is a real Gem: Hugues Goosse and the Unresponsiveness of Juckes

Bad models: Climate Insensitivity and AR(1) Models

Bad data: Titusville

Bad accounting: Should NASA climate accountants adhere to GAAP?

Bad explanations: Mann’s New Divergence “Theory”: A Smoothing Artifact

Don't just read the entry. Read all the comments. This will take time. Once you have done that roam around. Then come back here and tell me climate science can make pronouncements about anything. Including todays temperature accurate to 1 deg K.

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