Friday, May 04, 2007

We Will Get All Industrial On Them

Wonderful discussion going on at Dr. Sanity's about shame cultures, why they tend to despotism, and why their war on the West could lead to unfortunate consequences. Especially for them.

The Dr. not being an avid historian gives Dresden as an example of what Americans are capable of. Commenter Simon-Peter sets her straight and proves it was mainly a British show. So I decided to help the Doctor out:


I think the point is not to make exact American points, but to show what Western Man is capable of.

The fire bombing of Japanese cities is probably the best American example - with Hiroshima and Nagasaki the exclamation points.

The generals bombing Japan were worried. They were running out of cities to destroy. As I recall they figured that by Nov. or Dec. of '45 there would be no major targets worth bombing.

Heck, the atom bomb guys were worried. The production rate was only about 3 a month. Not enough to sustain a bombing campaign.

Consider the state of mind required to think like that.

These islamo nut jobs do not want to continue tickling the dragon's tail. We will get all industrial on them.
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