Sunday, May 06, 2007

Civilization vs. Mob Rule

KC Johnson of Durham in Wonderland has posted a Sunday Round Up. Reading it gave rise to some thoughts.

I have heard that it takes about five years from a personal willingness to look at the evidence until a change in personal view point takes place. In the 80s I started looking into the Vietnam War and economics and by '88 I was voting Libertarian (I thought the Republicans were too compromised in their principles - I thought politics was a science/engineering problem. My study of war from the micro to the macro cured me of that attitude).

KC, when I started reading the Sunday Round Up I honestly thought I was reading a dyed in the wool Republican site - libertarian (liberal) orientation.

I think in five years (more or less) you will look back and wonder how you could support your current favorite candidate (unless things changed while I wasn't watching). At last look it was Obama.

We have laws and proceedures to bias the odds in favor of justice, and heavily against injustice to the innocent. One of the reasons the Republicans idea that our government system must be governend by rules. It is the best hope that the system will ultimately serve justice and prevent injustice.

When those laws and regulations are breached - to get the usual suspects - injustices are done.

The justice system in America is broken in the oughts for the same reason it was broken in the '20s. Prohibition is corrupting the system.

The political right is starting to come around on this issue. When more of them get it that realization will bust the justice system in America wide open.

I predict we will find corruption so widespread that confessions followed by amnesty will be the only reasonable way to fix it.

Your exposure of the Duke case has opened a lot of fracture planes in America. Equality vs. affirmitive action. Justice based on evidence vs. justice based on mob rule. Upholding standards vs flexible standards. Belief vs. evidence.

A whole array of human behavior. In the end it comes down to civilization. Mob rule, rule by intimidation, is incompatible with civilization.

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