Tuesday, May 08, 2007

There Ought To Be A Law

I was visiting the Netscape blog as I do every day and came across this wonderful discussion of corrupt lawmakers. You know me. I like to hang out in the fever swamps for amusement and to develop blog posts. A commenter believes we are being taken over by big business.

I have a better idea. If we put government in control of every thing we could greatly reduce corruption.

The Soviet Union did it!

Why can't we?


The more you regulate the more opportunities for corruption.

I'd rather have WalMart fighting it out with Toys R' Us than have government guns telling us what we can buy and sell and at what price.

Less government = less corruption.

Want to get the money out of politics? Get the money out of government. There is no other way.
So I explain to another person why nothing will happen.
We could cut back on their powers.

Except too many want something for nothing.

The only way to get something for nothing is at the point of a gun. Robbers and government, same MO.
Well I chime up to another person with more in the same vein:
The American people want less corruption and more government.

I suppose they will want dry water and fat free butter too.

We are getting the government we deserve.
Gasoline prices are a popular topic these days. One brilliant economist thinks the answer is a cap on gasoline prices.
Yep. That will reduce corruption.

The oil companies are worth hundreds of billions.

Congress criters can be bought for about a much less than a million each.

Do the math.

BTW Chavez has capped food prices in Venezuela. It is working. Food is disappearing from the markets. However what you can find is low cost.

It could work with oil companies too! It worked so well in '79 that you could only buy gas on alternate days. As soon as price controls were lifted prices went up and so did supplies

I'm told that economists predicted that. I blame it on evil capitalists who will only sell stuff if the price is right. We can put a gun (government) to their heads and change all that. Threaten them with jail or death and I'll bet prices come down pronto. Or else they get into a new line of business

What we need to do is to get Congress to double all wages and cut in half all prices. Then we will all be rich.
One guy blames it greed. Obviously he is not the greedy type at all. So I'm thinking maybe he could show us the way.
I'm sure we could outlaw greed.

For instance I know you are not a greedy person. Why not ask your boss for a cut in pay?

Set an example.
Then another fellow chimes up on the greed theme. I respond:
Ah, for the good old days when all they wanted was pages, prostitution rings, strippers, hookers, and interns.
Then some one else wants to know why he sees more Republican names than Democrat names when these corruption scandals come out?
You haven't looked at Feinstein, Pelosi, or Reid's lobbiest kids much have you?

How about Murtha's "charities"?

Or that paragon of virtue guarding us on the Homeland Secutity Committee. William "Cold Cash" Jefferson.

Most ethical Congress ever.

Simple rule - the more control we give the crooks (R or D doesn't matter) the more crooked they will be.

Every time you think "there ought to be a law" add "and more corruption too!"

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