Friday, May 04, 2007

A Social Misfit Nature

Cedarford commenting on a comment about the Duke Rape Hoax had this to say:

I like your devil's advocacy. While not a lawyer, I have major personal unlikabilty factors, social misfit nature and am morally conflicted...meaning in my desperation to be friends with anybody, I have to settle for some lawyer friends...
Cedarford has commented here occasionally. It is all beginning to make sense.


linearthinker said...

How strange it is. I'd just closed my little "overheard" text file of snips on this item
from Belmont Club, when I chanced upon your comment on Cedarford's comment:

Pelosi is a politician painting her masterpiece; to judge the final product mid-brushstroke is to judge Cedarford an antisemite without first knowing every jew. Americans could be surprised, but Pelosi's challenge is to kick up America's spirit a notch without ruining its diverse flavinoid composition.

M. Simon said...

I noticed that comment too!

It wasnt me.

I don't know if Cedarford is an anti-semite.

He does have a rather rancid view of Jews. Well documented too! I hardly ever find fault with his facts.

Pelosi? The woman is a traitor. She is engineering an American sell out to Syria and Iran.

linearthinker said...

I didn't mean to imply the quoted comment was yours. Sorry if it comes across that way. My intent was only to comment on an interesting coincidence of timing.

I only know Cedarford from his comments elsewhere, where he's often called out for his anti-semitism by others. I make no judgements here, but, if it walks like a duck...

On his style, and by another timely coincidence, I found this at Tim Blair
last night. See if you see any parallels to Cedarford.


Theodore Dalrymple:

Marxist writers were not famed for their clarity or elegance of exposition. Indeed, clarity was rather looked down upon by them ...

Chris Sheil:

The contingency of the moment may matter. Between the conception and the act falls the shadow of the public response.