Friday, May 04, 2007

Tara Is In SANE

Tara Levicy, the the sexual assault (SANE - Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner) case nurse, who helped examine the false accuser in the Duke Rape Hoax is considered unprofessional by many other SANE nurses.

If, then, a trial had occurred, Levicy would faced a difficult time. Yet any shortcomings in Levicy’s testimony would have been almost immaterial to Nifong. As Jim Coleman recently pointed out, it increasingly appears that in his final months running the case, Nifong’s chief goal was somehow to get to trial, regardless of the verdict.

In that respect, Levicy was of critical assistance. Her statements to police allowed Nifong to mask his false assertions about the “crime” in the cloak of medical evidence, while her willingness to alter her story in ways that always seemed to aid the D.A.’s case gave Nifong at least one witness on whom he could absolutely rely—not an easy task in a case where the accuser tended to dramatically change her story every time she spoke to law enforcement.

Kethra, SANE nurse who frequently posts on the Liestoppers forum, concludes:
Ms. Levicy’s actions were unconscionable, unprofessional and the inherent sign of an incredibly biased person and nurse. She alone, is responsible for the start of this witch hunt in my opinion. By not telling the actual facts, by misrepresenting to the police the signs and symptoms of a rape victim, by “embroidering” the true patient findings and historical story, by her sheer ignorance of appropriate forensic evidence collection technique, her sheer ignorance of basic pathophysiology, her sheer ignorance of general medical conditions and the identification of those conditions and by her glaring egotistical need to portray herself as an expert, she sent the police down the trail of deception. Combine that with a rogue prosecutor and shoddy police work (didn’t they read the stupid medical reports for themselves?) she almost put three innocent men in jail.
So what is Tara doing these days?
According to the Duke website as of Monday, Tara Levicy remains in the employ of Duke University Medical Center, as a fully certified SANE nurse.
That is right. Tara Levicy is still in SANE.

Update: 04 May 007 2154z

More background on Tara's work on the case and even more.

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MarkyMark said...

And you wonder WHY men are wary of women?! Come on! I don't intend to place myself in any situation wherein I could be falsely accused, and have someone so 'diligent & conscientious' as Tara Levicy working on my behalf...