Thursday, May 10, 2007

Paris Is Burning

Something the Germans wouldn't do to Paris the French are doing to themselves.

Some 300-400 demonstrators gathered on the Boulevard St Michel in the Latin Quarter of Paris, ostensibly to protest against a march by far-right supporters.

Shouting slogans like "Sarko fascist! The people will have your hide!" and "Police everywhere, justice nowhere!", the demonstrators were cornered by hundreds of police close to the nearby Luxembourg Gardens.

A police officer at the scene said 118 arrests had been made by 9.30 p.m. (1930 GMT).

The protests follow three nights of violent confrontations between police and young rioters in Paris and other cities that government politicians blame on inflammatory statements from left-wing politicians during the election campaign.
My daugher got inducted into the honors section of the Auburn High French Club last night. Nary a word about the political unrest in France.

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