Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Army Censorship Update

The fire storm that erupted over the Army's rules about e-mails and blogging has lead to new rules.

...the Army has issued a clarification that assures:
In no way will every blog post/update a Soldier makes on his or her blog need to be monitored or first approved by an immediate supervisor and Operations Security (OPSEC) officer. After receiving guidance and awareness training from the appointed OPSEC officer, that Soldier blogger is entrusted to practice OPSEC when posting in a public forum.
The statement establishes three conditions for unsupervised blogging:
1. The blog’s topic is not military-related (i.e., Sgt. Doe publishes a blog about his favorite basketball team).
2. The Soldier doesn’t represent or act on behalf of the Army in any way.
3. The Soldier doesn’t use government equipment when on his or her personal blog.
Plus we have some Senators getting into the act.
...Senators Norm Coleman, Tom Coburn and Jim DeMint wrote to Defense Sec. Robert Gates expressing concern over the new rules.
Their point is that mil blogs are an aid to the war effort and should not be over regulated.

Seems like very sound advice.

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