Thursday, August 30, 2007

World Economy Growing

Here is an interesting metric on world economic growth.

The market of Yachting is in its constant progression of 14% per year. The yachts’ orders of ship builders has grown by 28% this year with the adequate increase in yacht-size.The visibility of orders for exemple of Yachting HiFi International relates from 7 up to 9 years. Moreover, the request for prestigious installations, Hifi Cinema and Computer Services is confirmed very clearly and was accentuated at the last International Boat Show of Monaco in October 2006.
Interestingly yachts with sails are a declining market. Evidently the rise in the price of oil is not deterring these yacht buyers.

Note: obviously English is not the writers first language. What I think he means is that yacht orders are up 14% and the dollar value is up 28%. The reason for this is that the average size of yachts ordered is growing.

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