Monday, August 20, 2007

The Day The Music Died

Well, it is not actually dead yet. It is just under a death sentence. Gateway Pundit has the details.

A terrifying internet video call to action for supporters of Osama bin Laden also fingers ex-Arsenal striker Thierry Henry for assassination.

It was launched this week on a Glasgow-based website named after al-Qaeda that regularly supports attacks on Westerners.

It has also been uploaded to the massively popular YouTube video-share site, visited by millions of youngsters.

The sports stars are branded EVIL for being CRIMINAL influences on young Muslims.

The sick film shows a picture of Manchester United ace Rooney with the headline: "Why do u love the evildoers?"

Beckham, who is now at LA Galaxy, is shown under the caption: "What made u among the losers?" And the slogan across an image of Henry asks: "Why do u imitate the people of desires?"

Alarmingly the video then flicks to a series of graphics depicting graveyards and bodies. One shows the feet of a CORPSE on a mortuary slab with a toe tag marked "Death".
For the Islamics this is a worse move than the American failure at Abu Ghraib. I think this is proof positive of the maxim in the military arts: "he wins battles who makes the fewest mistakes".

They are not just going after sports figures. They have musicians in their sights too.
His rant declares that Muslims who are passionate about sport or music are hellbound like the "disbelievers" they admire. Other celebrities rubbished on the video include P Diddy and Justin Timberlake. It ends with the rousing message: "Rise up, oh youth!"
It is one thing to attack Republicans. It is quite something else to go after sports figures and musicians.

I don't think youth culture will fall for the Islamic line if the youth are unable to hear music calling men gangstas and women hos. Sad but true facts of life.

I think this points out one very important point. Islam is not just another religion.

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