Thursday, August 23, 2007

Bussard Reactor Funded

I just received an e-mail claiming that the Navy has funded Dr. Bussard to complete his WB-7 fusion reactor experiment. In addition the e-mail claims the Navy is on board for the full up power demo if the WB-7 results are positive.

If I get further confirmation on this and permission to post it, I will. ASAP!

New Energy and Fuel has a bit more to say on the subject. I can confirm (second and third hand) all the points he makes. It is very likely that we have the same sources.

Update: 09 Oct. '007 0131z

I have inside information that is very reliable and multiply confirmed that validates the above story. He will be doing his work in Santa Fe, New Mexico, near the Los Alamos National Labratories.

Update: 12 Oct '007 0245z

Dr. Robert W. Bussard Has Passed. However, his work continues. Two Los Alamos scientists, one a long time friend of Dr. Bussard, started working with him when the project was re-funded in August.

Here is a news report on the funding: It's Official.


Snake Oil Baron said...

Fingers crossed. Given the power requirements of their ships and subs and such it would be understandable that they would be interested.

M. Simon said...


I have received further confirmation:

Talk Polywell

Note: the Navy originally funded Dr. B's work.

Cormac said...

M. Simon said:

I have received further confirmation:"


M. Simon said...


You will need to find Tom Ligon's post at the above link.


Cormac said...

Well that's fantastic, it actually sounds official this time. I'll be telling everyone I meet today :D

SpaceGhoti said...

Sweet! I've been trying to follow this since I learned about it around 2003/2004. If I ever win the lottery, I'm know how I'm going to invest it!

Anonymous said...

I think it was Simon asking for a spare $14 million that did it.

Anonymous said...


Methinks the Navy also realizes that if Bussard's reactor works, they will become the "space Navy". Which other of the services has the experience to build long-occupancy vehicles (nuc subs).

James said...

Wow to that last comment, THAT'S a good observation and one which Bussard himself might have put to the Navy in the past. Good thinkin'!

Anonymous said...

It seems Bussard died Oct 6 07...

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