Saturday, August 04, 2007

As Certain As Global Warming

There will come a day when the phrase "as certain as global warming" will be used with derision when some one starts pontificating about: "if current trends continue".


Anonymous said...

Unlike Y2K there is no expiration date on AGW hysteria. It will expire when it becomes clear that 1998 was the peak warm year and the planet has entered another cooling period. I estimate in 5 years AGW hysteria will no longer be tenable. The AGW promoters will try to change the subject from global warming to climate change but it won't work.

Anonymous said...

And I believe that, five years from now, people will be wondering why there were still people doubting the actuality of AGW five years before.

Anonymous said...

In that previous thread you pointed out that my NorCal coast heatwave was anemic on the climate change porn scale.
Try this out.
Global Warming Causes Shortage of Bulgarian Hookers

Oh and cats!