Monday, August 06, 2007

A New Record?

Bush is doing a really lousy job. His approval ratings on the Iraq War are at 24% according to Zogby.

According to Zogby, Congress is at 3% and they did it in less than 6 months. Way to go guys. I wonder if they set a record?


Cormac said...

What I don't get is: Congress is less popular than Bush because they didn't stop the war/stand up to Bush etc.

But Bush should be less popular because he's the one persecuting the war in first place!

Is there something about U.S. citizens that I fail to grasp? Is it because they don't sympathise with people they view as wimpy (e.g., Congress).

M. Simon said...

The Democrats won Congress by Replacing the Republicans in the South.

Those Democrats who won in the South promised not to damage the war effort. This has disgusted 1/2 the Democrats. The Republicans are disgusted to begin with. The other 1/2 of the Democrats are disgusted with the disgusted Democrats and no one is interested in solving the overspending problem.

So you have the Republicans who still support Bush - 24% and no one who supports Congress.

Phelps said...

Congress has managed a double-play. The people who are against this war are unhappy that Congress has failed to end it. The people who support this war are unhappy that Congress continues to promise that they will surrender any day now which is believed to embolden our enemies.

In other words, they have alienated both sides of the aisle. Bush has only alienated one side of the aisle on the war issue.