Monday, August 06, 2007

Perils Of Global Warming

Commenter papertiger brings this charming story to my attention:

Brothel owners in Bulgaria are now reportedly having trouble attracting workers. The owners claim the best prostitutes have moved to ski resorts, where they entertain tourists who cannot ski because of a lack of snow.

"We have hired students, but they are temps and nothing like our elite girls," Petra Nestorova, who runs an escort agency in Sofia, told the United Kingdom's Metro newspaper.
I get a scent of desperation from the Bulgarians. I wonder how soon before the ski season will be over?


Anonymous said...

Why would a skier show up when there is no snow on the mountain?

Oh well. It's bonified climate change porn.

John J. Kaiser said...

"We have hired students, but they are temps"

That was so unintentionally funny.

Anonymous said...


You will love this. Don't tell Al Gore, but global warming is taking a holiday in Sacramento this week. The maximum temperatures Sunday and Monday set records each day -- as the coolest "highs" for the dates since record-keeping began in 1877.
Heh heh heh.
Think I'll go post this at Molt's place now.