Sunday, January 21, 2007

Topless In Azerbaijan

The Muslim world is changing.

Roya is a slut. I don't like her." So says a dark-haired Azerbaijani girl nestled on a barstool of the Universal Bar in downtown Baku, a spot where foreign oil workers can meet eligible young women for the right price.

Roya, a provocative young singing sexpot, is a tornado in Azerbaijan, a country of eight million mostly Shia Muslims who live in a thoroughly secular system.

Now freed of Soviet tanks, Azerbaijan stands at the crossroads; in one direction western materialism (they enjoy solid ties with the US and Israel), in the other a return to Muslim Shia orthodoxy, encouraged by neighbouring Iran.

Roya's face stares down from the billboards (those not taken by images of President Aliev), her confidence and sensuality in stark contrast with the grey-eyed souls walking the streets. With her sultry looks and sizzling antics, she may be the perfect embodiment of a new Azerbaijan, long known as the Land of Fire because of the blazes that have burst from the soil since pre-history, leading fire-worshippers to create Zoroastrianism.
Did you know that Zoroastrianism had an influence on the Jews because of the Babylonian exile? The idea of Satan is one such borrowing.
in the same celebrity magazines that refuse to offend Muslim sensibilities by discussing unmarried relationships, Roya is routinely pictured topless, or kissing a variety of young men and women. She swears on TV and appears semi-nude in her videos.

Recently one Sinatra-style old-time Azerbaijan crooner was asked what he thought of Roya and the flesh- baring generation of singers she inspires. "They should be shot," he said, apparently speaking for many.

He might not like it, but there's no denying Roya is leading a massive young Azeri demographic revolting against stifling tradition and seeking a more exciting future. In other words, Roya's a sexy Azeri punk.
Iran which is right next door has its own ideas about religion. They are pushing them on the Azeris. However, it is likely the flow is also in the other direction at the same time.

Guys with beards or topless chicks. For your average male: a tough choice.
Many believe the growing count of minarets in the smaller cities of Azerbaijan is slowly blossoming into something bigger, something that will only grow with ongoing cynicism and the inevitable crisis of oil wealth.

On the other hand, some believe Roya and other Azerbaijani entertainers could help seduce Iran away from fundamentalism. Those 20 million Azeris make up one-third of all Iranians and they are showing signs of tiring of the state's ongoing cultural repression. Many have satellite TV and can see Roya and other pop stars living the high life - and speaking their language.

Is throaty, brazen Roya singing the theme-song for the westernisation of Azerbaijan - or a battle-hymn for the break-up of Iran?
We can only hope.

Faster please.

Roya Music MP. Thanks to commenter Geoff at Classical Values. Click on CKAYATb to start the music.

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Dr. Hamid Rasool said...

The trouble is, if you "let it all hang out" as we used to say "back in the day", the one doing it loses point in his overall scorecard up in the heavens! What if you run short of points when it gets to the last day, and Jesus is not around to save you? After all, muslims know that there are two separate angels assigned to each of us individuals and one records the bad and one records the good so the muslims say: why should we give up points in heaven by letting it all hang out? I would rather be there than here anyway, by a hundred times, wouldn't you? Besides, here in So Cal we've been letting it all hang out so long that the men can't even get boners anymore because those holes have been spread so wide open for so long. Ha ha!

M. Simon said...


I like my points up firm and high.

In any event, glad to have an expert in Cal holes on the case.