Saturday, January 27, 2007

Palestinians Lawyer Up

In an interesting development in Guilford College case the three Palestinian accusers of the five football players have lawyered up.

Three Palestinians involved in a violent incident on the Guilford College campus last weekend have hired attorney Seth Cohen who announced on Jan. 27 that all were cooperating fully with investigators.

His announcement came on the heels of a press release by the Greensboro Police Department stating that the three had cancelled two interviews this week. Cohen said the students had scheduled an interview with the FBI, which is investigating the incident as a possible civil rights violation, and the Greensboro Police Department. He described the police department's statement as "a misunderstanding."

"These are three fine young men," he said of his clients. "Osama is from Jerusalem and Omar and Faris are from Ramallah. They have been caught in a media firestorm."

Cohen did not answer questions about Faris Khader's suspension from Guilford College last semester or whether any of the Palestinians clashed with members of the football team before Jan. 20.

Parents of Michael Bates, one of five football players who have been arrested in conjunction with the incident, released a statement on Jan. 26 accusing the media of prejudging the athletes' guilt. Michael Six has accused Khader of stabbing and belt-whipping him.
Hey, It gets curiouser.

The Jewish anti-Defamation League has come out with a statement.
Washington, DC, January 25, 2007 … The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has condemned the reported bias-motivated attack on three Palestinian students at Guilford College in Greensboro, North Carolina.

ADL commends the Greensboro Police Department for the arrests of the alleged perpetrators, and calls upon the university administration to continue its efforts to heal the rifts that have been exposed on campus in the wake of this incident.
The warrants were not instigated by the police. Let me quote from Guilford Is A Street....
The charges weren't requested by Greensboro police but instead stem from statements the injured Palestinians made to a magistrate, who issued the warrants. Police said their investigation is ongoing.
So far the police have not interviewed the accusers. In fact other that executing the issued warrants the police have been bypassed.

The ADL may have a lot of egg on its face if this is a hoax.

Interesting comment on the NC legal system at Free Republic:
To: SmoothTalker

I am speaking of personal experience in North Carolina compared to California, Florida, Texas and Virginia where I have seen much more fairness.

I know several people who have experienced similar treatment as the Duke students, but they didn't have the resources to fight it. Several were out thousands of dollars, one went to prison, and one fought a civil case for 5 years before it was finally tossed out.

In North Carolina, any idiot can go down to the local Magistrate and swear out a false complaint with little (if any) legal exposure.

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