Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Forced Migration

I have been officially forced to migrate to the New and Improved Blogger.

Let me know if you have any provlems.


M. Simon said...

This is a test comment.

linearthinker said...

What's different except verification comes before login on comments page?

... it loads quicker with dialup.

M. Simon said...

1. The interface for the blog writer has some small improvements.

2. Posts can be labeled so one click will bring up all relevant documents. I'm in the process of relabeling all my old posts.

3. Each article is a file. So that it no longer loads one huge file. Just a series of chunks. Keep an eye on how it loads by scrolling down the page as it loads. My connection is too fast to see what is happening. This format makes reloading easier for me as it no longer has to convert all the files into one huge html file.

Your faster load could be due to lower error rates because of the file structure. Or it could be the top of the page comes up right away and you don't see the rest loading.