Thursday, January 04, 2007

Duke Meets OJ

The Duke case and the OJ case have a lot of similarities.

I watched the OJ trial from the point of view that the LAPD was a corrupt police department. I knew this because I followed the drug war and saw lots of instances of LAPD corruption in that war. OJ's defence made the point that the police may have corrupted the evidence. Guess what? We found out a few years later in the Rampart scandal that the LAPD was corrupt and had routinely planted evidence. The defence took advantage of community knowledge before it became public knowledge. In othter words it may very well have been a case of the LAPD framing a guilty man.

In the Duke case we have the DA and police framing innocent men.

In both cases the problem is corrupt police and in the Duke case a corrupt DA as well.

The common thread is the corruption of the justice system. I believe this is SOP across the country. Look up testilying. (I wrote about that in Corruption Is Routine.) It is rampant. This is another case of the system's bad habits catching up with it.

I blame drug prohibition for the bad habits.


The above was inspired by the comments at this post: Durham In Wonderland

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