Monday, January 29, 2007

Patterns Are Emerging

In the ongoing war in Gaza and the West Bank patterns are emerging.

By IBRAHIM BARZAK - The Associated Press - Monday, January 29, 2007; 6:47 AM


The violence in Gaza often appears random, but some patterns are emerging, particularly in the latest round, which began Thursday and has so far left 30 dead.

Hamas has repeatedly targeted police compounds in recent days in an apparent effort to seize control of the Abbas-allied security forces. Hamas gunmen also have kidnapped several senior security commanders loyal to Abbas, but have released them.

Fatah gunmen, in turn, were drawing out Hamas fighters across the Gaza Strip, in what appeared to be a battle of attrition. From Sunday afternoon to daybreak Monday, gun battles raged in the southern town of Khan Younis, in Gaza City and in the north of the coastal strip.

Some of the most intense fighting took place outside the Gaza City headquarters of the Preventive Security Service, which a decade ago led a crackdown on Hamas and is fiercely loyal to Abbas. Hamas gunmen fired dozens of mortar shells at the compound, drawing return fire through the night.
This points to a civil war which will probably go on for months if not years.

If I was cynical I'd say this was the Israeli's method to get the Palestinians to ethnically cleanse themselves.

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