Saturday, January 20, 2007

Let's Do It On the Cheap

Dr. Sanity is discussing denial. She says that it is a cover for something we don't want to look at. Hiding under the covers.

The most interesting thing to me is in the comments.We have alleged Muslim Supremacists and good old American Defeatists. Commenter Phoenix comments on a post farther up the thread including a dig at the Muslim:

"Jesus talked of love. You talk of denial. And he lived in a world far more brutal than this one."

How can you say Jesus lived in a world far more brutal thing this one? That's nuts. Any era that has embraced wishful thinking and denial has been a brutal era. That means we've had nothing but increasing brutality from BCE to now. Jesus didn't have a thing to do with the brutality other than to think he could mitigate it by love. And to think that love might have engendered brutality? No, never, I'm sure you'd say. Men never kill in the name of their religion, right? Whatever. The thing we know for sure is that we can now kill many more with much greater efficiency. That's a fact not based on denial or wishful thinking. Hmmm.... I wonder if that's considered a truth? Hell if I know....

Phoenix - 01.19.07 - 8:35 pm
So I replied to Phoenix:
En fuego!

Which if you think about it is kind of a pun.


To the rest:

Want to know how America can fight when it gets pissed?

Look at the campaign against the Japanese in the Pacific - WW2 after the first 3 months.

No quarter asked, none given. Shoot the wounded.

Nuke 'em if they complain.

Really, you had better hope we suceeded on the cheap, because it could go much worse for the bastards.
Do you suppose they are listening? Is De Nile a river in Egypt?

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