Sunday, January 21, 2007

Puppies In A Blender

California wants to outlaw some dog breeds. This strikes some people as wrong headed.

Following is a MySpace bulletin received from my daughter Melody. Mel's dog Bodhi was the gentlest, friendliest pup I ever encountered. He converted me from being a pit bull hater to a friend of the breed. He was part boxer, part chow, and part pit bull, if my memory is correct. All are "fighting breeds", but Bodhi put the lie to the myth of the visious *Pit Bull*. Just as with humans, it's the love and affection, or training and abuse that the child or the dog receives that creates either a loyal friend or a monster.

As this campaign suggests, "Ban the deed, not the breed."
Sounds about right to me. I'd add that the owner of a dangerous dog should be prosecuted for any damage done by the dog as if the owner had comitted the crime himself, with rebuttable presumption of malice. However, it has to be shown that it was a pattern of behavior by the dog. i.e. not a strike out of the blue.

Oh yeah, lots of cute puppy and dog pictures at the above link.

H/T reader linearthinker

Commenter linearthinker tells me that:
SB 681 passed into law 11/05,
An initiative attempt in 2006 was unsuccessful in repealing the law. Cross Posted at Classical Values

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