Thursday, April 07, 2011

The Water Has To Go Somewhere

For a rough calculation I like 250 gallons water per ton. So 50 tons of water is roughly 12,500 gallons. Let us make it easy and say 10,000 gallons a day. If the cooling water is applied for 100 days that is 1 million gallons. If it goes on for 1,000 days (roughly 3 years) that is 10 million gallons that needs to be dealt with. Fukushima is going to need a tank farm. Except big construction projects like that are difficult in a high radiation environment.

It would also be nice if we knew what the level of radioactivity was in the "mildly" radioactive water. "Mild" in comparison to what? Where are the numbahs? Some one knows. And they do not appear to be talking.

Another good video from Russia Today.

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Anonymous said...

Another great report! Much appreciated. I'm amazed that since the Middle East and North Africa protests began, and the onset of nuclear crisis in Japan, that the most accurate reporting consistently comes from Al Jazeera and RT.

That speaks volumes to the miserable condition of US Main Stream Media, esp. cable news channels.

M. Simon said...


May I suggest you watch the video I linked at the top of:

Lies Of Chernobyl

Also look at the video Well This Is Odd.