Tuesday, April 05, 2011

From Now On

There has been a regrettable error when it comes to the Japanese releasing data on radioactivity emissions from the Fukushima accident. This whole line of international enquiry got started when the Japanese announced the release of 10,000 tons of radioactive water.

Hidehiko Nishiyama, a spokesman for Japan's Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency, expressed regret over triggering concerns among neighboring countries.

''We feel very sorry for causing anxiety among our neighbors. We could not help but resort to the measure, but we will provide full explanations from now on,'' he said at a news conference.
Ah so. Regrettable. No doubt.
Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano separately said Japan contacted the IAEA rather than individual neighbors because the water has been released from the plant on the Pacific coast. The top government spokesman also said the discharge would ''not cause immediate radioactive contamination in neighboring countries.''
No immediate contamination. That will come later. And the food chain? No mention.

All this reminds me of the Emperor's speech preceding Japan's surrender at the end of WW2.
... Despite the best that has been done by everyone—the gallant fighting of the military and naval forces, the diligence and assiduity of Our servants of the State, and the devoted service of Our one hundred million people—the war situation has developed not necessarily to Japan's advantage, while the general trends of the world have all turned against her interest.
The nuclear disaster has developed not necessarily to Japan's advantage. I wonder if they will wind up paying reparations to the fisheries of the Pacific? Not immediately.

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