Sunday, April 03, 2011

Donald Trump? For President?

The White House Insider thinks that Donald Trump has a good chance of beating Obama. In discussing that he has a deep critique of the Republicans.

The dynamics of a Trump campaign – I find it a fascinating prospect. He could defeat Obama – he really could. And he can play tough. All of the baggage Obama carries that Republicans are too afraid to bring up – too willing to remain politically correct. Too afraid to be seen as attacking the “Black” president…I don’t think Donald Trump would have that fear. And you can’t tell me there aren’t a lot of voters out there screaming at their televisions or radios or whatever, wondering why somebody doesn’t call Obama out on his bullshit. Just lay it out there. Stop playing nice, right. The goddamn country is at stake here and the Republicans are still playing nice.
Ah yes. First it was $100 billion in cuts. Then some $60 billion. The current figure is $33 billion. Soon to be revised downward no doubt.

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