Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Kind Of Nuclear Power I Really Like

My ship was the USS Bainbridge - DLG(N)-25. I was on the '65 deployment mentioned. I didn't arrive until about late Feb in '66 when I had just graduated from Nuke Power School in Idaho. I was highlined across from an oiler. Great fun going between two ships while cruising along at 12 or 15 knots. Why was a Nuke ship taking on oil? We used it to supply the DDs in the Task Group. I spent 3 months in the combat zone and got close enough to Da Nang to hear the artillery firing. The Fourth Of July reminds me of it every year.

My ship has been in the bone yard for quite a few years. But the Enterprise - CVA(N)-65 - still sails.

Addendum: I spent six months on Treasure Island on the way to Mare Island. Some how I wound up in Idaho working on an aircraft carrier (sort of).

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