Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fukushima Update 14 April 2011

Yeah. I'm putting the year in the post title. I expect things to go on for quite some time.

Spent Fuel Pool #4 Trouble Increases - Temperatures are up. Radiation levels are up. Water levels are falling.

Decomissioning The Reactors Will Take Three Decades - Site clean up estimated at over 10 years.

Evacuation Zone Uninhabitable For Decades - I think they are being optimistic.

Reactor #1 is still holding pressure although it appears to be rising on one of the gauges. The 1.0 in the chart = 1 MPa = aprox 145 psi.


The Laughing Man said...

You know, back a few weeks ago when I was monitoring things a little more closely, they had thrown some flags at at least three other nuclear facilities, the most notable of which was the southern Fukushima plant which also had a significant exclusion zone around it as well. And still does, to my knowledge.

While Fukushima North is justifiably still the most visible of the sites, it would be good to hear some new news about these other localities. Hopefully positive announcements, of course, "He that lives upon hope will die fasting.".

M. Simon said...


I haven't heard of any specific exclusion zone for the other Fukushima plant. It may be inside the zone for the current plant that has problems.

If you have a link I'd like to see it.

You can leave the bare url here. I'll turn it into a clickable link.

M. Simon said...

Exclusion zone at the other plant.

IAEA 12 March

A map of the situation.

Wiki Map

For those of you following along Jeremy sent me an e-mail (sort of) with answers to my questions.

The map is just depressing.