Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Wisconsin Supreme Court Election

David Prosser appears to be the winning in the Wisconsin Supreme Court election.

Precincts counted 2146/3630
Prosser 468,532 51%
Kloppenburg 458,108 49%
But Dane County - a Democrat stronghold is only half counted. So far that means a net 50,000 votes in that county for Kloppenburg. If that holds up in the final tally Prosser will likely lose.


Final totals
Precincts counted 3630/3630
Prosser 739,886 50%
Kloppenburg 740,090 50%
Two hundred and four votes difference. Prosser loses.

Update: 9 April 2011 1716z

Commenter Xiaoding reminds me that I failed to update this post. I note that the AP has not revised their totals. The LA Times says that a net of 7,500 votes for Prosser were not included in the final totals. And the mistake was made by a Republican.