Friday, February 08, 2008

The Unifying Force

From where I sit it looks like the Republican Party has run out of steam. The one principle that unified all the factions of the party - Small Government Conservatism - has run its course.

Two candidates were pushing that message hard. Ron Paul and Fred Thompson. Where are they now? Certainly you are not hearing their themes echoed by any of the recent front runners.

So what unites Republicans? Beating the Democrats and winning the Long War. What unites the Democrats? Beating the Republicans and Losing the Long War. It looks like the days of grand visions in practical political discourse (winning elections) is over.

Well, one war at a time I guess.


LarryD said...

There are a lot of Republicans very unhappy about the situation, Simon.

Susan's Husband said...

How many? McCain hasn't had much trouble getting votes. I don't see how to read McCain nomination success as other than small government philosophy is just rhetorical now.

But even worse than that, look at the GOP in Congress. I think they have to take more blame than President Bush for persistently selling out small government.