Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Seinfeld For President

First farce then tragedy. Seinfeld gave us a TV show about Nothing.

Obama is proving it can work for a political campaign.

Why a campaign about nothing? It is obvious. There is nothing to disagree about. We can all join together. Nothing will keep us apart. Nothing will bring us together. Nothing is best and we have more of it than anyone else. An abundance of Nothing. Nothing in abundance.

The Audacity of Nothing™.

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Fat Man said...

"Nothing" by the F****s

Monday nothing, Tuesday nothing,
Wednesday and Thursday nothing,
Friday for a change, a little more nothing,
Saturday once more nothing.
Sunday nothing, Monday nothing,
Tuesday and Wednesday, nothing,
Thursday for a change, a little more nothing,
Friday once more nothing.
Montik gornisht, dinstik gornisht,
mitvokh un donershtik gornisht,
fraytik for a novehneh, gornisht gigeleh,
Shabbos vider gornisht.
Lunes nada, martes nada,
miercoles y jueves nada,
viernes por cambio un poco mas nada,
sabado otra vez nada.
Na na nana, na na nana ...
Oh, Village Voice nothing, New Yorker nothing,
sing out in folk ways nothing.
Harry Smith and Allen Ginsberg, nothing nothing nothing.
Poetry nothing, music nothing, thinking and dancing nothing.
The world’s great books, a great set of nothing. Haughty and foddy, nothing.
****. Church and Times Square, all a lot of nothing. Nothing, nothing, nothing!
Stevenson nothing, Humphrey nothing, Averell Harriman nothing.
John Stuart Mill nill-nill, Franklin Delano Nothing.
Carlos Marx nothing, Engels nothing, Bakunin, Kropotkin — nyuthing!
Leon Trotsky, lots of nothing. Stalin less than nothing!
Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing,
a whole lot of, a whole lot of nothing.
Nothing, lots and lots of nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing.
Not a **** thing.

**** Not suitable for family oriented entertainment.

More about the F****s and "Nothing".

M. Simon said...

Carpe diem was also one of my faves.

Thanks for the reminder.