Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Perfectly Republican In Conception

There is a lot of grousing going on about the Republican nominees for President. This one is wrong on this issue. That one is wrong on that issue. Gerard Vanderleun has a post up on the subject with lots of interesting comments. However, with each and every one of the remaining major Republican candidates there is a consolation prize.

The consolation prize: Republican candidates all favor price supports for criminals and terrorists AKA the Drug War.

It is perfectly Republican in conception. Aid your enemies, screw your friends.

H/T Instapundit


linearthinker said...

I've never been disappointed by Gerard. Until today.

His rant misses the key points of conservative objections. See comments by Quinn at 1:48 pm for a nice summary.

I have to wonder what his real motives were for missing the essence of the issues so completely. Creating his own "instalanch" as one commenter suggested? I see him chuckling as his site meter soars.

M. Simon said...

He got the tone right and the facts wrong.

I can't tell who stands for what any more. I think they like it that way.

If you hold it firmly in your mind that they are all crooks it eases the pain some.