Tuesday, February 12, 2008

He Has A Policy

Over at Althouse one of her commenters madawaskan said Obama had a foreign policy and that it could be found here. Let me excerpt a bit

...in an effort to get Iraq’s political leaders to resolve the political disagreements at the heart of their civil war, I would work with the United Nations to call a constitutional convention in Iraq, using aggressive diplomacy to get the neighbors to back that convention and stop the flow of weapons and terrorists into Iraq.
Uh, doesn't he realize that Iraq already has a functioning government and Constitution plus methods for altering it? It is almost like Obama has been asleep for the last two years.

And what exactly is aggressive diplomacy? When we are angry we send two copies of a diplomatic note and if we are really angry we send three?

HT Eric at Classical Values. BTW The McCain video is worth a watch. Funny.

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