Sunday, February 10, 2008

Ein Volk

Obama Is The Messiah.

"Just follow Barack's lead and be honest with them," [Obama's] site advises. "You don't need to debate policy or discuss the day's headlines. You have a very personal reason for investing your time and energy in this campaign – that is the most compelling story you can tell."

Indeed, participants in the Saturday morning precinct-captain training were already adept at telling their Obama-conversion stories.

Libbie Coleman, a 61-year-old microbiology teacher at McClatchy High School, read Obama's books last spring.
Another Messiah from another time.

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Hoots said...

Comparing a U.S.Senator with Adolf Hitler.
Cute. That should calm things down.

The "Kennedy moment" is about all Obama has to hope for. I think that's why he's so vague about details. If you make no clear promises you can't later be accused of deception. Edison famously said that genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration. Obama will be selling inspiration til the evening of November 3. After that he may get to the next stage. Or not.

He's already rubbed the party fur wrong a time or two and all he got for his candor was some pissed off Democrats and no Republican recognition. If his formula for hope involves compromise (as I believe it must) he has to pass two dates before he can be candid. He first has to get the nomination. Then he has to hold his hand until the election is over.

M. Simon said...

You are right. Hitler had a program.

As you point out with Obama we get the platitudes without the program.

BTW Obama - before he was trying to hide - was pretty much a Communist. Wish I had saved his campaign site from 2004.

Unknown said...

Doesn't Godwin's Law say you lose about now? Seriously, if all you can say against someone is to groundlessly compare them to Hitler and call them a communist, why bother? If you don't like them, fine, but don't try to dress it up as justified somehow.

M. Simon said...


I take it you don't care for Obama's program in the original German?

Unknown said...

I don't care for people making cheap shots (especially unfounded ones) in place of rational debate. This is about as cheap as they get.

M. Simon said...


Until we get an actual program "National Unity" or Ein Volk if you prefer the original German is all we have to go on.

Obama is going to change the change and it will be better than anything you have ever had before.

That and he seems very friendly with the Nation of Islam is all we have to go on.

Don't forget his ties to the Chicago political machine. Another thing in his favor.

Unknown said...

Really? Hitler?

I have been reading your comments on the Talk Polywell site for some time now and your comments give you the air of a reasoned clear headed critical thinker, but this comment makes me (and other readers, I assume) question your logic in this area and in your previous comments about Polywell as well.

I would like to hear your reasoning for equating a man responsible for the genocide of millions to a potential US presidential candidate. Also, please make it clear how your reasoning applies to Obama and not to any other candidate.

M. Simon said...


Perhaps you can start by explaining the differences between the conception of "Bringing Us Together" and "Ein Volk".

The only thing Obama has in common with the National Socialists is their economic program. Very difficult to differentiate.

BTW - I can think clearly about politics. Crookedest game in town.

Rule #1 - All politicians are crooks. Repeat All. What elections give you is a choice of type of dishonesty.

Rule #2 - A successful politician will sell out his backers when better backers come along. In America we call it the will of the people.

I have been following Obama since '04. His platform then was National Socialist - except for the Jews thing - OTOH he has lots of Nation of Islam friends so maybe that is under the table and not on it.

Please note: he is my US Senator.

al fin said...

You cannot describe Obama without using words like articulate, and charismatic. And yes, he is a bit vague, but . . .

You are right that Obama's campaign is becoming a "personality cult." It is much too early to predict where Obama plans to take this cult.

I'm not so much concerned about Obama himself, as some of his advisors, mentors, and "hangers-on." If you pay attention to Jeremiah Wright, for example, you quickly see that the guy is pretty loopy.

I think Obama's 1995 book "Dreams of My Father" should be required reading to anybody considering supporting Obama, who also prides himself on a "rational, clear-headed" approach to life.

I know, sometimes you just have to "let go and go with the flow." But then you also have to wake up eventually and deal with things.