Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Obama's Rezko Problem

I have discussed this before but it seems hot again with the Rezko trial about to begin. Keep in mind that Rezko and Obama have been buddies for twenty years. Then check out the Obama quote I found here. It has lots of goodies on Obama.

While McKinney considered Obama as a "pretty clean legislator" not unduly influenced by lobbyists, the campaign's handling of the Rezko matter makes him take a second glance. Identifying and returning or donating all the contributions associated with Rezko has proved a lengthy process, and when questioned by reporters in January, the campaign pointed to Obama's on-the-record statements that he didn't recall specific conversations with Rezko and was "not clear" how Rezko became involved in the purchase of the property.
Let me see. He is not clear about his dealings with a guy who had been his buddy for 20 years. Sure, I believe that. It could even be true.


helpus said...

Back on one of the debate Obama told the American people that he only did few hours working with Rezko. Now were finding out he was involve over twenty years. My point why did he lie to the American people and all of the media staying away from this.

linearthinker said...

You ask why in your two closing points.
There's a single simple answer that satisfies both.
He's a Democrat. Democrats live by different standards. Ask Bill Clinton. A media pass is automatic. The Democrats own the media. That's all you need to remember.