Thursday, May 12, 2005

Why most people don't use drugs

I was visiting Winds of Change and discussing VodkaPundit's blogging burnout. He says he is tired of arguing without changing minds. I have had a little better luck with my educational stuff on drugs/PTSD. So after a rest I can come back. I do take fairly frequent rests although you can usually find me in various comment sections. I like Winds of Change a lot.

In any case Vodka is going to be much busier soon. Mrs. Vodka is expecting.

In any case the subject of drugs came up and it triggered my monomaia as one wag put it. And so it did. Here is my latest rant copied from the comments with spelling and punctuation improved. I'm discussing the topic with Fred:


I see exactly where you went wrong.

Let me start with this statement.

Drugs are maladaptive....

Here I agree. In part. Just as the chemo drugs are a deadly poison for the general population. They are in fact indicated for AIDS.

Now at least 1/2 the population in the youth cohort tries drugs. Only about 20% of that 1/2 (10%)continues with drugs. Adolescence is a time of maximum stress due to personality formation. Kids take drugs to relieve some of that stress. By age 25 or 30 only the chronic 10% are still using.

So we see that drugs are a real danger to only about 10% of the population. For the rest use is transient. So the fact that drugs are maladaptive if you don't need them is actually the way most people live. As with alcohol most continued use if any is in moderation.

What benefit do the 10% (chronic users) get from drugs?

People with PTSD get great value from not living in depression and fear. The 10% who are long term users in my estimation are victims of PTSD. For some people learned fear never goes away. We call this PTSD.

Now with all of the statements I have made I actually have research to back them up if you are interested.

Some of the statements have direct proof. Others have indirect proof (they fit in with several lines of research although not directly addressed).

For me the drug issue is not a matter strictly of liberty. Although I'd like to see more Americans as strict Constitutionalists - it is not going to happen. The drug issue for me is science. Why do people take drugs. What do we know about the brain, genetics, physical manifestations, life histories etc. etc. that would point to answers on these questions.

So I will not contest you if you think drugs are bad and the government has a duty to prohibit them.

The question then is: if only people with serious long term PTSD are chronic drug users is putting the full weight of the law on them the right thing to do - will it fix the problem?

Joe has run a number of my articles - see the side bar - on my estimation of the drug/PTSD problem.

There are more links on the side bar at my blog Power and Control

Scroll down.

I'm happy to discuss the research with any one interested. BTW a number of medical people who have seen my work agree with me and think it is important. Of course there are those who don't.

Let me tell you how it is going. When I started out two or three years ago stating that long term PTSD had a genetic and trauma component, that idea was not widely accepted. Today it is not even under discussion.

In time the connection to drug use will be on firmer scientific ground.

I'd bet on it.

In any case I'm against persecuting the traumatized. How about you?


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