Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The Army is having trouble Recruiting

The Army is having trouble Recruiting. Yes friends and neighbors it is true. Attacks on the enemy have been called off. Too dangerous. All that is left for the recruits is suicidal attacks on civilians. Which Army you say? Why I'm glad you asked that. The jihadi Army in Iraq. Here is an amazing report translated from the Arabic on the efforts of two Saudi brothers to join the anti-American jihad.

But the brothers, according to sources, sneaked nimbly into Iraq, and they were able to make connection with the welcoming network of the fighters at the Iraqi-Syrian border. After a few days, the boys were received by the 'leader' of the fighters and they requested of him that he send them to Falluja. But he rejected this, excusing this by saying that the way was difficult and full of dangers.

The sources added: 'At that point the leader of the group suddenly showed them the truth regarding which the young men felt the strongest bitterness. So then he said: We have a group of automobiles ready to perform suicide operations. The young men almost lost consciousness from the terror of the shock. And they said to him: how our coming to Iraq has come to this end in a suicide operation with such ease! He answered them indifferently: this is what we have now, and if you want you may look elsewhere! At that moment they decided to return to their country, and completely changed their minds about participating in what they thought was resistance in Iraq.'
So one thing we know for sure - suicide bombing is not nearly as popular a sport as it is made out to be. It is only the fanatics who love death. This is a hopeful sign.

No doubt there are more hard days and weeks ahead. However, I think that the idea of self rule is catching. The porous Suadi/Syria/Iraq border may not be such a bad thing if it helps get first hand accounts back to Saudi Arabia of the nature of the jihadis.

You know it may not have been Bush holding the Saudi's hand. It may have been the Saudi holding Bush's hand.

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