Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Who gets the better deal?

The side with the better bargaining position. The Poweline folks are getting down in the mouth because the Republicans have been rolled on the filibuster deal.

I said they didn't have the votes on 29 April.

The hard core Republicans need to be nicer to the RINOs. They aren't going any where without them.

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Anonymous said...

This is a bad, bad deal for Republicans. This "under extreme circumstances" is just carte blanche for the Dems when it comes to the Supreme Court... I don't care who gets nominated, the fight will be there.

Had they taken care of this NOW, the Supreme Court fight won't be as bloody as it's going to be.

The Republican "moderates" just shafted the rest... I hope every one of them gets voted out of office.

Anonymous said...

The Republicans need to tell these people either vote Republican or take the R off. We'd lose control of the Senate? We already have. Let's just make it official so that the Left can't claim we are in control.

M. Simon said...

A coalition is ruled by its weakest members.

Doesn't any one know how to play this game?

Patrick Carver said...

"The hard core Republicans need to be nicer to the RINOs. They aren't going any where without them."

How about the RINOs being nicer to the hard core Republicans? It seems on the big ticket items, they tend to screw over the rest of the GOPers.

M. Simon said...

Politics in America is a bidding war for the center.

The Dems made the RINOs a better offer.

Let me make this perfectly clear. Each of the RINOs wanted something for their vote. Frist unlike LBJ don't play that.

And now the Rs are going to strangle their party for funds; because they do not know how to play finesse politics. Where is LBJ when you need him?

So back to square one.

What can the RINOs and Republicans agree on? Get that passed. Forget the rest. This is not religion where absolutes rule. This is politics. And politics has its limits.

I have been saying this since May of '03. Evidently some of you have not been reading my memos and taking them to heart.

And now you want to give up the game because you can't win all the marbles.

Republicans are not going to remake the judiciary. The best they can hope for is to move things a bit in the desired direction. Isn't that enough?

Any idea why the Rs are called the stupid party?

submandave said...

OK, call me an idealist, but politics be damned, I believe a fillibuster should be a fillibuster. To hell with the "dual track" crap. If it's important enough to you to fillibuster then it should important enough to take the heat for shutting down business.

Anonymous said...

RINOs need to go. I believe McCain is a Mancurian Candidate. He is really a Democrat (ie communist) mascarading as a Republican.

Anonymous said...

"RINOs need to go. I believe McCain is a Mancurian[sic] Candidate. He is really a Democrat (ie communist) mascarading[sic] as a Republican."

Right, McCain, a man who spent years being tortured by communist. A true war hero but then what is duty, honor, sacrifice and patriotism to the true believers? He compromised on an arcane filibuster rule. Heretic! Burn him! Lets get some corrupt draft dodger who is ideologically pure to run for his seat! God knows we got plenty of them to choose from.

Anonymous said...

Right on with that last comment. McCain deserves the GOP nomination '08 for choosing logic and wisdom over primitive partisanship and ideology.