Friday, May 13, 2005

Who won WW2?

There is a recent discussion going on among bloggers (among others) about who won WW2. I weighed in in a previous post. Yalta. And tthen I came across a Harper's May 2000 review of the John Lukacs book "Five Days in London". Now I have not read that book. However, I did read his previous book on the subject "The Duel". Both books explore the decisions made by Churchill and Hitler in the days preceeding the fall of France. Here is the money quote of the article.

...what a debt the World owes to Sir Winston Churchill. Without him, we would very likely be living in a world dominated by Hitler's heirs and Hitlers's ideas. Because of him we are not.
So in light of what we have learned in the lasst few years is that true?


Hitler's ideas and heirs are doing fine. Now they are not doing too well in in Europe it is true. However in the Moslem world Hitler's ideas are as popular today as they were in Europe in the 30s. "Mein Kampf" is still a best seller - in the Arab world.

I discuss some how that came about in " Palestinian Role in the Holocaust".

Key to all this was the fact that the after the Germans defeated France, they used their control of French possesions in the Middle East to export their philosophy to the world of Islam. The export was very successful and the result is one you can see today. Fascist governments (Baathists are a direct descendent of the Hitler philosophy) and a virulent hatred of Jews.

So in fact Churchill did not defeat the Nazi philosophy. By May of 1945 it was too late. The damage had already been done. We are living today with the results of that unfortunate fact. Islam uber alles.


Luther said...

Well I presume you don't really mean that Churchill was a failure. He did help defeat the enemy he was faced with. He could not defeat the future.

From where did Hitler truly draw his 'inspiration?' Frankly, I used to be fairly well read on the bastard, but I have forgotten it all for the most part.

I guess my point is, what is the root of that particular manifestation of evil. Yes, it is being emulated, but in a shallow, though nonetheless evil manner.

What is the 'root' of all evil. How do we identify and then nullify the root core and source of the bullshit. Is there any hope of doing such a thing. Is it always going to be the 'big dog' syndrome?

M. Simon said...

The desire to be the alpha male is strong to the point of murder.

It must be civilized.

We want to limit the power of the alpha male and make succession possible without murder or war.

The system we have here in America has served tolerably well.

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