Saturday, May 14, 2005

The Root of All Evil

Mudmarine in the comments to this post asks a very good question:

What is the 'root' of all evil. How do we identify and then nullify the root core and source of the bullshit. Is there any hope of doing such a thing. Is it always going to be the 'big dog' syndrome?
my answer to him:
The desire to be the alpha male is strong to the point of murder.

It must be civilized.

We want to limit the power of the alpha male and make succession possible without murder or war.

The system we have here in America has served tolerably well.



Doug said...

The Old Daze .
Does Blogger give you any way of knowing when old posts have new comments?

.Alpha'Roid_Male .

Doug said...
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Doug said...

Buchanan's View of WWII .
Kind of twists the mind to tie his present perspective together.
(The whole anti war thing.)
Not to mention the Buttcheeks Bolton link.
. Bolton

Doug said...

Some of the comments are funnier than your average left wing downer.
. Raw Comments

M. Simon said...


blogger sends me an e-mail for every comment.

M. Simon said...

Re: raw comments

They are asking the State Dept. to comment on Bolton's divorce in 1982?

Why not ask the woman in question?

Is Bolton another Jack Ryan Republican?