Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Not one thin dime

There is a campaign going on to reduce grass roots financial support for Republican Senate campaigns.

What is at the root of the campaign? Too much government spending? Nope. A lack of support for states rights? Nope. It is because the Rs can't get all the judges they want confirmed.

As a firm believer that no party should get everything it wants (including judges) I think Democrats and Republicans ought to support this campaign.

I think if successful and there are fewer Republicans in the Senate it will reduce the hubris of Republicans. When a party only listens to its core supporters (are you listening Democrats?) it tends to make mistakes that make it harder for the moderates (the centerists) to get a word in. It then loses contact with the electorate. This is not good for the Republicans. It is not good for America.

So I whole heartedly support the Not One Thin Dime campaign. You should too!


Unknown said...

I also am in favor of the Not one Thin Dime campaign.
I think it is sad that in this "democracy" we live in there are only two viable political parties. Each of these parties claims to have radically different agendas, but in reality in order to get the masses to vote for their party, they each have to basically sit the fence on most issues. The way I see it, the Republican party deserves to be in power, and they deserve to have control of the House and Senate. This is not because they are the best party for America, nor is it because their agenda is in the best interest of the American people. Rather it is the fact that they are masters of public relations, and have no qualms about lying in order to push their candidates into office. The failure of the Democratic party for the last 8 years lies in their inability to put forth a candidate that the American people will actually vote for. Neither Gore nor Kerry had much in the way of charisma, and both were way too wishy washy. And the Dems will do it again in 2008 by choosing Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee. Middle America is not yet ready for a female president. All they will do is pave the way for Condoleeza Rice a few years down the road so the Republican stranglehold can continue. Until the system is fixed, it doesn't matter who wins, and that is the sad truth.

Phoenix Gray

M. Simon said...


What you call a defect I call a feature.

American politics tends to favor the centerist position. This is good. It provides stability.

Change comes slowly. Passions are not sufficiently aroused for civil war. This is good.

M. Simon said...

No party deserves to get everything it wants.