Sunday, October 09, 2005


We are being scammed big time by the "drug abuse" industry.

People take drugs for otherwise untreated medical problems.

Rich folks go to their doctors for their anti-anxiety medicine. Poor people buy a dime bag. In fact some rich folks are now saying - for me the dime bag works better. Fewer side effects. Easier to calibrate the dose.

Or take tobacco. It is an anti-depressant. Do we deal with it that, and look at the underlying depression? No. We treat them like the addicts they are and punish them accordingly.

Deep inside every man is a screaming monkey trying to get out. Civilization quiets the monkey. Wine and good cigars. And what ever else you need. Including hope. Even if it comes out of a bottle. Or a baggie.


Frank Weed said...

As I have also said before..

theres 100,000 people here in Maine with no health insurance and almost that number of people here that smoke weed. coincidence? maybe! maybe not!

-Frank Weed

flanok said...
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