Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Brain Growth

There is an interesting article in Nature news about the wonders of marijuana. The article focuses on how marijuana causes the growth of neurons. However, as interesting and useful as that may be I do not think that that is the real key. The real key in my opinion is:

They found that HU210 [ a marijuana analog, ed.] seemed to induce new brain cell growth, just as some antidepressant drugs do, they report in the Journal of Clinical Investigation1. This suggests that they could potentially be used to reduce anxiety and depression, Zhang says. He adds that the research might help to create new cannabinoid-based treatments.
I think this is further confirmation of what I have said all along.
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People who use pot chronically are self medicating for various mental conditions.

Or as I recently said: we must stop punishing the afflicted. Well it is true more brain growth is needed. Especially in the area of understanding people who are being punished for using Unpatented Drugs


Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

10 19 05

Hey M. Simon:
I couldn't have said it better myself. This makes total sense. And cannabinoids don't have the toxic long use issues that the SSRI's and the anticonvulsents have so... Hmmm.

Anonymous said...

I agree somewhat about your perspective on drug use, but also not. Life is not all work. People have gotten drunk for centuries to celebrate and have a good time. Why do you think that is? Self medication? I am not sure. Drugs can sometimes be just for fun, not because folks have problems. I know many folks in SF that smoke, snort, drink, and all of them very successful, happy, self fulfilled and smart people. So I am not sure drugs are used completely the way you posted. Mainly because the only drug using cases we hear about tend to be from folks whose life's fall apart. As drugs are still ugly in the public view, most smart

Anonymous said...

wopps some how I thought I finished my text, sorry :(

I meant to finish off with:

As drugs are still ugly in the public view, most smart folks just hide it form people who can't deal...

M. Simon said...

Drug taking for whatever reason is about affecting brain function.

Agreed, not all users may have problems.

In my estimation all chronic users (what we like to call addicts) do.

i.e. drugs are the solution not the problem.