Thursday, October 20, 2005

Problem Solving

People take illegal drugs to solve problems. The same kinds of problems doctors prescribe drugs for.

The only error "addicts" make is not getting their drugs from a government approved source.


Larry Kollar said...

That’s a really interesting angle.

Doug said...
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M. Simon said...

Thanks Doug.

Corrected in the text now too.

Doug said...

Had a friend in College (mom a life long Christian Scientist, which he supposedly became, last I heard.) who through his research had access to some pretty pure pharmaceutical stuff.
He always claimed that the original (often plant-based) drugs were usually better than "new and improved."
Seemed true in those days:
Certainly chewing Coca leaves must have been a healthier habit than refined stuff, and recently had a stay at the hospital which luckily has an enlightened pain-management policy.
Hard to imagine how morphine could be improved on, at least for me, but feel no "need" for it now that pain is gone.
(Worry about living w/o non-steroidals from now on a bit tho, so if you have a post on a safe substitute for those, I would appreciate the tip.)

Doug said...

Strange date there for last post:
It's 3:45pm Friday/21st here.

M. Simon said...


I keep GMT or UTC here.

It is the world standard for time. All local times are derrived with respect to GMT or z (zulu) time.

The z stands for zero. Which is the offset relative to UTC.

AnechoicRoom said...

Forgive me for NOT commenting on your thread/topic ..... (not like I don't have a very good understanding of the subject matter).

Just that your contribution to the Jeff G./Protein Wisdom/OSM thread was most excellent.

No one really knows where the ball is rolling. But it will get somewhere when we all together keep pushing it along (sorry for the hippie speak).


Anonymous said...

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