Monday, October 24, 2005

Drugs Are the Treatment

We hear over and over again that drug users need treatment. That the only cure for the drug problem is treatment, not jail. And the jail 'em until they rot folks say: "what about the cost?"

Well, what about it? What if they don't need treatment. What if they just need an occasional doctor's visit to monitor their condition, check to see if their doses need to be adjusted? What if that was all that was needed?

I have been saying for some time that much (most? all?) drug use is a form of self medication. I even have supporting research. Self medicators do not need to be weaned from their drugs. What they need are regular supplies. A lot cheaper to provide than treatment. In fact if drugs were more readily available under more controlled conditions - liquor stores for pot, doctors prescriptions for drugs that require more monitoring - we could save a lot of money in car steros alone. Fewer car break ins mean fewer police. Fewer jails. It cascades.

To get all that wonderfulness we have to acknowledge the association of mental problems with drug use and the reason for it. Drugs are not causing the problem, they are the solution. Just ask one doctor. Or another.


Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

10 23 05

OK M. Simon:
You seem to have a libertarian type approach to drug deregulation. Ironically, in California we DO have pot clubs. You can get a dr to write a prescription and get all to your heart's content. Unfortunately, in certain areas there is higher crime associated with their existence. This is why I think that it should be regulated to conform to a standard, and further, shd be sold in pharmacies. I honestly think that since it is a medicine, it needs to be treated like one. I actually Do have a prescription for some osteoarthritic/Fibromyalgic issues, as well as PTSD (as I previously mentioned). I am sick and tired of seeing thugs go into the clubs and talk about how they will sell it down the blog and "bag it up". But at the same time, realize that it has shown immense benefit for PTSD sufferers, folks with pain syndromes due to other illnesses, multiple scelerosis patients and in some cases, schizophrenics (usu. CBDS have shown to be of benefit to them). Anyway, good post and thx for exploring these issues. YOu know if the pot market was regulated, it (in principle) would be cheaper than fifty dollars for 3.5 grams!

Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

10 23 05

"sell it down the block", sorry M. Simon lol! :)

Nunzia said...

i fail to see how jail helps anything these days. if a person is not a danger to society, what good will prison do? in a lot of cases it makes people worse.

mojotek said...

Glad you happened across my post today, so I could see your take on the issue.

I'd definitely agree to the "car stereo" argument... as experience is too wonderful of a teacher.

Anonymous said...

It is so long past due to end the failed "War on Drugs."

Frank Weed said...

Exactly...out of the millions of many are really addicted, and how many are choosing rehab services instead of Jail?

I believe that Marijuana was not a real threat to the users and the government needed to bolster its case against it...there fore they made mandatory treatment for all persons being arrested for Marijuana and this makes a case to the general public that are ignorant of the the true natures of this medicine and would believe that all those people are indeed addicted.

Its just more propaganda, but look at the direction its taking...these people arent just going to rehab, there being labeled as mental deviants for there addiction to supposed hard drugs, they loose alot of there social freedoms like qualifying for subsidised, or public housing, grants for education, food services and health services are denied to them. Is this the system we all really want?

At the cost of this hugh popolation of Americans should we really be feeding the pharmacutical industries, and the Government War machine?

Fact is still that almost 100% of adult Americans use some drug or another, and the vast majoprity of those users no matter what drug there using are not having a problem with it.

It still doesnt make sence to hunt down, prosecute, and opress millions of Americans for some big companys profits, we are making a large population of Americans criminals when in fact there doing less to harm themselves than Cigarette smokers, Alcohol users, and Pharmacutical subscribers.

When will we actuall finally stop the insanity of this War and get to making a country that isnt full of racially modivated, and greed driven abuse of so many people.

In the end when this War has been ended, there will be a reconing to be had, and all those government officials who allowed this to go on for so long should stand trial for there indescretions!

Thats my view!

-Frank Weed