Sunday, October 30, 2005

Pot Treats Diabetes

Amy T of Diabetes Mine has a post up about treating diabetes with pot.

She lists the benefits and then concludes with:

Now I have no idea how this has been received in the medical community, but that is one heck of a long list of potential health benefits! Where do I sign up for the clinical studies? (wink ;)
As I noted in an e-mail to Amy:
If the stuff wasn't illegal it would be considered a medical super-miracle given all the problems it treats.
We have given up a whole raft of medical miracles to go after pot smokers. Fortunately as more research is done those days are coming to an end.


Anonymous said...

My ex-daughter-in-law, who has Type I diabetes, found that her recreational use was helping her to control her blood sugar. My wee wifey, whose Type II was managed without insulin, found that it worked also for her, but doesn't enjoy it enough to continue use.

Anonymous said...

I to have Diabetes. If I don't eat, Hypo. or worse. Pot helps with appetite and overall makes me feel better. I went many years not knowing why I felt sick most of the time.
I saw Doctors for high BP and Cholesterol. I nave even had a single corinary by-pass, but no one ever gave me a Gloucose test or checked my sugarlevel. One day when I was feeling particually sick , my vision got very blurry (along with thirst and frequent urination) when finally the monster reared its ugly head. Without pot I feel I would be dead or wishing I were. Its just so hard to get(plus the cost)and growing it is not worth the risk.
Time for a puff beford dinner.
See Ya and be well.