Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Wild Conspiracy Theory - Misunderestimating

I was reading Instapundit on the Miers nomination to the Supreme Court.

Insty mentioned that Tom Goldstein didn't think the Senate would confirm her. So if I was President what would I do? I'd nominate Janice Rogers Brown who was already confirmed as an Appelate Judge this year by the Senate and actually has a piece of paper from the Senate that says she is not controversial. Well, I look at Tom's blog to delve deeper and what do I find?

The nomination obviously will be vigorously supported by groups created for the purpose of pressing the President's nominees, and vigorously opposed by groups on the other side. But within the conservative wing of the Republican party, there is thus far (very early in the process) only great disappointment, not enthusiasm. They would prefer Miers to be rejected in the hope - misguided, I think - that the President would then nominate, for example, Janice Rogers Brown.
Darn, he beat me to it. However, it is my opinion that the hope is not misguided. Bush gives the Democrats a moderate who can't pass muster and then puts up a libertarian Black Republican female who has already got a Senate endorsement on paper.

Makes sense to me.

We shall see.

First step. Defeat Miers.


Fersboo said...

The thought occured to me yesterday that the President planned that he would withdrawal Miers and replace with someone like Brown. However, given that most of the opposition seems to be coming from within the party and the libertarians, I am starting to think that he plans to stick with Miers and there is some piece of information that the Right is missing and the Left is in thier usual fog and don't recognize her as a conservative.

Tom Grey said...

She's a long time Christian, pro-life; successful MANAGING PARTNER at a big law firm.

She's certainly good enough to get an SC seat. A Dem feminist nightmare.

Yes on Brown if the Dems fight Miers.