Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Politics of Computers

Early Hackers (cira 1975-79) knew the computer was political.

My first mate and I did Ts with “Support the Revolution - Buy A Computer” with a cute R2 unit in the center in ‘77. Star Wars had just come out and we sold a few at the Chicago Computer Club. CACHE.

At the time I expected great things from computers. It has gotten out of hand.

Around ‘77 I envisioned a network of Apple Like Computers with top scientists and thinkers talking to each other through modems and an 800 number. I called it the Draco System.

What we have now is much better than anything I dreamed of.

Communications is always political. Information is power.

It really is remarkable. Citizens control the media and the feedback is at the speed of thought. The time to transmit the message to the world is negligible.

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