Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Rolling Congress

The other wise extremely intelligent Jeralyn Merritt of Talk Left can't figure out why a Democrat Controlled Congress keeps getting rolled by Bush. I think I can help her out:

Democrats got control of Congress by electing a bunch of Republicans (on the war at least) from the South.

Dean's Southern Strategy. Hailed as a genius move. At the time.

Memories are long in the South and they hate losing wars. They just hate it.

The Democrat Party was never unified on the war issue and the Republicans remain solid that the only way out is victory followed by an Iraqi Army capable of holding Iraq for the elected government.

Why do you think Bush is rolling Congress? The option for the Democrats is a Republican controlled Congress. At least then they can blame it on the Republicans.


LarryD said...

Yeah, the South knows what it's like to lose a war.

And that flows into the Jacksonian Tradition

And it wasn't just in the South that that they put conservative Democrats forward as candidates, they replaced at least one RINO (Lincoln Chaffee RI) for us. Which disproved the claim that blue states can't be won by any less liberal candidates.

Anonymous said...

IMO the situation with the present Congress v. Bush is simple.

Bush, like his father, is interested in only a few matters but won't retreat on those.

Bush is determined in the GWOT and seems to be tough (in the engineering sense).

Congress is different. The leaders see everything Bush and company do as bad. But only because they are not doing it.

Pelosi, Reid, and crowd are tough and capable. But w/o certainty they will fight only where it seems safe and easy.