Friday, November 30, 2007

Fighting Fire With Criminals

Normally you hear the expression "fight fire with fire". In Califonia they do things differently. They fight fire with criminals.

As the Malibu wildfire nears full containment, it is very worth noting that about 1,100 male and female nonviolent drug offenders normally warehoused in California prisons were called upon to risk life and limb fighting last month’s massively devastating blazes. In fact, nearly one in eight of all firefighters who participated were drug offenders.

After a few phone calls to the state corrections department I learned that about 3,000 inmates helped to fight the wildfires, along with 6,000 non-incarcerated firefighters. Almost 4 out of every 10 inmates involved (about 37%) were nonviolent drug offenders.

Breck Wright, a non-incarcerated firefighter who has worked side by side these inmates on numerous occasions, told The Associated Press, "I think it would be very hard without them. It would really impact us…They are very effective, hardworking and are well-trained. They know what they are doing."
I thought dopers were supposed to be incompetent. If word gets out on this it will ruin the stereotype.

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Ron Simpson said...

here is a link to a story about a firefighter in CA that worked with convicts of fire fighting teams.